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Ingredients that add value
Sterling Technology is a pioneer in developing ingredients from colostrum, exploiting the possibilities and creating distinct ingredients based on natural composition of colostrum with our specially processed protein and peptide derivatives.

Reliable partner
Since 1987 Sterling Technology has constructed an exemplary manufacturing facility and is the global leader in colostrum quality, consistency and innovation. The reliability starts with the high quality standards that we demand from our raw material, building key relationships with the farmers that we collect raw colostrum to the emphasis on keeping the link of our supply chain in our control to deliver superior quality and consistent colostrum ingredients.

History of technical expertise
With an emphasis on health and wellbeing priorities guiding the development of our bioactive ingredients, Sterling Technology continually develops innovative and authentic colostrum based ingredients to meet nutritional needs of consumers, actively working in cooperation with research institutes and commercial enterprises building a solid foundation of knowledge for further expansion.

Serving many industries
Sterling Technology holds the leading market position in the manufacture of colostrum, processing colostrum for a wide and diverse range of industries including; pediatric and medical nutrition, sports nutrition, dietary supplementation, biotechnology (cell culture) and animal nutrition.

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